Praying for Vocations

 Fiat Chalice Program

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral would like to invite your family to pray together for an increase
of vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life through our Fiat Chalice Program.

Every other weekend, our parishioners will have the opportunity to accept the responsibility of praying for vocations at home with their family.  The Fiat Chalice will be presented to a family at the conclusion of the Saturday or Sunday Mass.  The family takes the chalice home and displays it in a prominent place of honor for all members to see during the week. 

At a special time each day, perhaps after dinner or before bed, the family comes together to pray for an increase of vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life, and at the same time, explain and prompt young children and teenagers to consider how God is calling them into a deeper relationship with Him.  They can also at this time send a note of support to a Seminarian, Priest or Sister.  The Chalice is then returned to the parish the next weekend. 

Request a Week

Week Family
May 07 /08 Martens Family
May 21 / 22 Greisen Family
June 05 /06 Cavil Family
June 18 /19  
July 02 / 03  
July 16 /17  
July 30 / 31 Open
Aug. 13 /14 Open
Aug. 27 / 28 Phillips Family
Sept. 10 / 11 Open
Sept. 24 / 25 Open
Oct. 08 / 09 Open
Oct. 22 /23 Open
Nov. 05 /06 Open
Nov. 19 / 20 Open
Dec. 03 /04 Open
Dec. 17 / 18 Open
Dec. 31 / Jan. 01 Open



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