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Speak Lord, your servant is listening

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A Daughter of St Francis Xavier Cathedral Green Bay answered the call.  Can you find her?


Who is calling you?   Won't you be my ....

2013 Retreats at Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist


"Be still and listen to God."

Carolyn Caldwell - Author

"Be still." How many of us actually take time to be still? Totally still. How long can you be still? How frequently do you attempt to be totally still? When your body is perfectly still, do you notice chatter going on in your head? Do your thoughts jump from one topic to another? Is it difficult to get your brain out of planning mode? Continue to be still and wait until your body and mind are still. Then wait some more. Learn to wait for the whispering thoughts of God. It may take time and practice. Seek His face and He will find you. Be still and know Him. Be still and hear Him. Allow His whispering thoughts to guide your choices throughout the day.